Meet Holly


Holly Julier is a certified Fitness and Pilates Professional Trainer and owns the Pilates studio at The Landing in Westlake Village, CA. She trained through Body Arts and Science International where she received her Pilates Certification and has studied at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and ACE. Holly is fully certified on all Pilates apparatus and mat work techniques. Her love and enthusiasm for exercise has given her the opportunity to share and help many achieve their own personal levels of health and well being from ages 15 to 90 years old!

As a fitness expert with a desire to help men and women make a positive change in their lives, Holly has dedicated her life’s work to the art of Pilates.

“My Pilates classes are unique in that I listen and learn from your body. I tailor each session to what you need as an individual and deliver more than a typical workout.”

– Holly Julier, Owner

Pilates is low impact exercise that focuses on core stability, muscle strengthening, balance, and control. People love Holly’s classes because she continuously mixes up routines and challenges her clients during each visit. She is known for keeping her sessions creative, versatile, and above all, effective! Using a hands on approach, Holly works closely with every client to deliver the best possible results during each class. With fluid movements, stretching and proper breathing you will experience all of the benefits of a full body workout as well as a better, more connected understanding of your body.

Specializing in Private, Semi-Private, Small group equipment classes.