The Pilates 100’s

The Pilates 100’s

If done right, The Hundred is near impossible! If done right, it turns on all of your body’s systems in less than a heartbeat. If done right, it might be all you need to do that day because it’s a full-body workout. If done right, it sets you up for more success in all the other exercises – and in your life.

Of course, it’s never a good idea to throw your body into a movement it is not able to process, but there is a big difference between modifying a movement to make it “performable”, and providing stepping stones that contribute to actually building the strength required to succeed in the given challenge.

Here are a few suggestions on how to tackle and modify this exercise for both strength building and skill preparation:


• leave your legs on the ground
• unweight your legs (without actually picking them up)
• pick up just one leg (stretching the leg away from you to create the lift)
• pick up both legs as high as necessary, but as low as possible


• leave the foot bar up to create an elevated start position to pick the legs up from
• use same suggestions as for the Mat

And of course, there is always the progression that Joseph Pilates suggests: start with 20 pumps and gradually work your way up to where you can maintain proper alignment for 100.

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