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Fabulous Food Facts: Strawberries


M`M`M Strawberries – scrumptious red berries provides twice the Vitamin C and are a good source of 20 different anti-aging trace minerals, including chromium, zinc, and selenium.  They contain flavonoids,…

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Importance of Proper Breathing

Yes we need to breathe effectively to avoid unnecessary tension, (as in the neck & shoulders) focus the mind on each movement and promote effective oxygenation of the blood.  Envision an…

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Posture…How is yours? Are shoulders rounded, forward, slumped, unsymmetrical? Ahh the poor habits of life are affecting the bodies of all ages today. Pilates on to your rescue!!  There are…

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Fabulous Food Facts

Eat Fat that Gives back! They are critical to good health, such as High Octane Fats….Nuts, seeds, ground flax, olive oil, avocado, salmon, tuna, and fish oil.

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